Kristi has been in practice for more than a decade in Seattle as an acupuncturist and certified Chinese herbalist. In her comfortable Laurelhurst office, she treats a variety of conditions, including pain (back, neck, joint, foot pain; tendonitis; surgical rehab; headache), digestion issues, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, and fibromyalgia. In additional to this general practice, Kristi has cultivated a specialty in treating infertility and general women's health issues, such as irregular menstrual cycles, amenorrhea or anovulation, menstrual cramps, PMS, heavy periods, spotting, fibroids, cystic ovaries, and menopausal complaints. While she still enjoys the breadth of a general practice, about of her patients see her for help in the reproductive and women's health realm. Patients who come for fertility support span the entire spectrum on the path, from those preparing to try to conceive, to those who have had multiple failed IVF attempts, or have been told that conception with their eggs isn't possible. Kristi commonly treats patients with PCOS, endometriosis, unexplained infertility, advanced maternal age, male factor, recurrent miscarriage, and diminished ovarian reserve.

Although Kristi is licensed and practices in Washington State, she also maintains active acupuncture licensure in California. The requirements for a California acupuncture license are more stringent than in Washington State, including extensive training in Chinese herbal medicine (Washington State requires none), and double the number of hours of required continuing education. Kristi's postgraduate studies have focused on reproductive health, including a 90-hour course on infertility, led by women's health lecturer, Cindy Micleu, with adjunct contributions from noted professionals in the fields of reproductive endocrinology, embryology, and research biology. She has also attended seminars taught by Randine Lewis, Ph.D., a recognized leader in the field of Chinese medicine fertility support. In 2011, she spent two weeks in Taipei, studying and observing in the very busy clinic of Dr. Lee Chen-Yr, one of Taipei's most respected physicians. 2012 brought in-depth study of women's endocrinology with a noted physician in California. She became certified as a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine in 2013, which reflects her extensive postgraduate training in male and female reproductive health and a commitment to ongoing education. Kristi also takes part in regular, collegial study groups, consistently questioning, learning, and honing her understanding and practice of Chinese medicine.

While Chinese herbs are not always appropriate or necessary, they can be a powerful part of the treatment plan in conjunction with acupuncture, especially for women's health and fertility issues. Since herbs are not tightly regulated, and since Washington State does not require acupuncturists to have training in Chinese herbology, it is wise to consider whether a practitioner is Board certified in Chinese herbology, a standard which reflects extensive education and training in the safe and effective use of Chinese herbs. Kristi is a Board Certified Diplomate of Chinese Herbology and of Acupuncture; is a licensed acupuncturist in California and in Washington (now called an East Asian Medicine Practitioner), is a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine, and has a B.A. and a master's degree from Harvard University.


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